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Oil on canvas
Series "Life space"

If you'd like to buy a painting you can contact with me via
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It is necessary to specify: name of artwork, technics(oil on canvas, watercolors, etc.) and your contacts (name, phone, e-mail)
Also, you could phone me +7 903 59 25 135

Every country has something special about it, something that makes it unique. I call this set of characteristics "the country code" and as an artist, I always try to de-cypher it and show it in my paintings. I am continuously looking for better ways to depict the code.
Sri-Lanka overwhelmed me with its bright colours, its ancient culture and importantly with the paradox of its colour scheme. In most countries, its the bright colours that stand out, but not here. Here the reverse is true. There are so many bright colours here that they merge and create the background environment and the dark colours really stand out instead.
My first paintings dedicated to Sri-Lanka reflect this paradox. They are full of bright colours. I used my own technique to create a multi- layer effect. I chose it in order to better show the ancient culture and rich traditions of this country.
My latest paintings about Sri-Lanka take the viewer into the abstract world of colour and emotions. These paintings leave much space for the viewers imagination.
This unhurried observation is the best way to create art together. I invite you to take a step and join me on this beautiful journey.

The artist is working on the series at the moment.