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The NEW CHAPTER project.

This project is dedicated to the current events in Russia in light of the recent government elections and outcomes. December 2011 became a new page in the countrys history. The first mass protests took place, they were prompted by citizens discontent with falsification of The Duma (State Parliament) election results. Each piece was created hot off the press. Political events that took place during the day found their reflection in painting on the same night. The first work Elections was made on the night of December the 5th. The day when details of the elections process and its results began to appear. "The Result", the second painting, appeared the following night when the information about falsification of the election results became known. The Rally on the night of 7th of December. Two meetings have already taken place. Many of those who took part were arrested. The Flags on the night of December the 25th. A large-scale protest took place a day earlier on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow. The Observers was created in February. Many of my friends signed up to be observers at the forthcoming presidential elections in March 4th, 2012.

This project is a combination of two media video-art and painting. All paintings are oil on canvas. Then silhouettes and shapes are cut out and through the opening a video is projected from the monitor behind. The videos are specifically selected for each of the paintings, for example, The Flags will have a video of flags from the actual protests on the Moscow streets. All of the videos were collected for the period from 7th of December to 4th of February.