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Oil on canvas,
Series "Gift of motherhood"

THE GIFT OF MOTHERHOOD is an emotional reaction to giving birth.

The reality of life changes. All the patterns of life that you took for granted break down.
Abstract perception of the world becomes normality.Sometimes it happens suddenly, sometimes it happens slowly, like being lost in time.
This collection of paintings is self-reflecting and is an attempt to freeze the image of the world that has changed since 4.07,2014 when my son was born.

At the exhibition, next to the oil canvases, the photographs of abstracts will be positioned.
The photo images will be recognizable, that will help to explain the idea behind the paintings.
These photographs will be a bridge between reality and abstracts in the paintings.

The artist is working on the series at the moment. 

If you'd like to buy a painting you can contact with me via
email : ,
or facebook
It is necessary to specify: name of artwork, technics(oil on canvas,,, watercolors, etc.) and your contacts (name, phone, e-mail)
Also, you could phone me +94 77 236 41 66